Management program for Electricians


Finally a software created and focused for electricity maintenance and installation companies.

Say goodbye to lost parts of installations, products such as switches, panels, thermal magnets always under control knowing what is installed in each client…

It is time to optimize your company.


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Rapidgest Software for Electricians

Maintenance software for electricity companies


Undoubtedly, today one of the most valuable points for companies is time and being able to make the most of it, avoiding the tedious hours of document management, sending invoices, worker reports and control of products and hours used.

If you have an electricity company and you are looking for a management program that helps you organize all the work you do for clients, you are in luck because we have created this software specifically for electrician companies.


A management program for Electricians, created by experts like you


Based on the fact that we have been in your place and that after trying numerous online management software that are highly publicized on the Internet, but not very functional on a practical level or some that do not focus on our daily work, offering a lot of things that we will never use, we decided to embark on the creation of software that would fit perfectly in our company and other companies in our sector.

With this, RapidGest was born, a management software for electricity maintenance companies and other types of sectors, a program created from the ground up by professionals like you who have been guiding the creation of this software to offer the most agile version in the management of your business.

A management software that you can try in your electricity company.


There are dozens of electricians who own their companies who have already tried our software and are currently using it, seeing notable improvements in the management of processes in their tasks carried out by employees and customer satisfaction.

For a limited time and as an initial promotion of the successful launch, we offer a free trial of our software for a period of time so that you can try it without any commitment in all your repairs and work at your electricity company.



RapidGest, one more step in management

RapidGest offers you everything you need to be able to take your business to another level, being able to have everything controlled from anywhere with a connection where you are.



There are many electricity companies that have gone digital with the installation of this specific management software for companies like yours, and in fact here we show you some of our latest clients.

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